The solutions proposed by NEROGIA require a limited support.

During the implementation phase, our team will accompany you for training, installation and commissioning. This normally takes a few days.

A support to your operation, by phone or on site, will be proposed to you for addressing the problems you could encounter or to simply help you to take into account changes within your company.

To optimize the use of your tools, we will ask you to name an application correspondent who will be our favoured technical contact. An on-site upgrade through an annual seminar of work and training can be proposed to him.


  •  Training to applications and tools offered by the company
  •  Training to SPC (Statistical Process Control) and MPC tools (Manufacturing Process Control)


  •  Turnkey installation of applications and tools
  •  System customization

Support & Maintenance

  •  Application Support: A technician will inform you about the products.
  •  Remote Support: An engineer guides you in solving problems related to product use and interaction with the environment. He advises you on methods to use and the organization to implement.
  •  Remote intervention: An engineer will advise and operates remotely to help you in difficulties you encounter (administrative databases, datamining...).
  •  Onsite Support.
  •  System administration.


  •  Assistance to implementation: definition of monitoring indicators, implementation of dashboards.
  •  Implementation: definition of audit grids and reports.
  •  Operation:
    •  setting improvement goals and steps for implementation
    •  tools implementation for action follow-up
  •  Follow-up phase after audit:
    •  verification of actions achievement
    •  monitoring their effectiveness against objectives
    •  recovery action on unmet goals

Consulting (organization, quality, R&D)

  •  Accompanying the implementation of quality processes and total quality
  •  Diagnostics, blueprint
  •  Management streamlining and production planning
  •  Optimization of industrial processes, analysis of physical flows, optimization of layouts
  •  Accompanying the implementation of total quality
  •  Selection and implementation of tools and ERP systems

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