PaQTools Quality

PaQTools© Quality ensures data acquisition and statistical analysis of the results.

Designed both for production and quality services, it enables the implementation of self-monitoring by operators in the workshops.

It provides quality manager:

  • a tool for monitoring and analyzing the quality control activity
  • a tool easy to adapt to organizational changes
  • a paperless station meeting ISO9000 standard

It provides the production line operators:

  • a graphical tool for alerting the process drifts
  • a graphical tool for real-time analysis of process efficiency



This module allows acquisition of data:

  • from any measurement instrument connected to the station (serial port, specific cards etc.)
  • by manual input


Integrated tool:

  • realisation of controls
  • monitoring performed controls

Exemplary ergonomics:

  • configurable interface according to the needs of each operator
  • graphical rendering of all the performed checks

Full integration

  • data sharing by network in real time by all PaQTools system

A warning tool:

  • immediate display and dashboard analysis of measurements
  • immediate response in case of process drift


All data from the controls can be analyzed as complex curves or tables of data.

The selected performance indicators can call as standard the following statistics:

  • N, Xi sum
  • Henry curve
  • Curtosis
  • Skewness
  • Pareto
  • Cp, Cpk
  • Normality
  • Sigma
  • Temporal graphs
  • Multi-curve graph (eg. for multi-head machines)
  • Multi-product graphs

...and much more!

Refined researchs

Through integration with PaQTools© Workflow and statictics done the controls can be selectively performed on the different data from the production:

  • raw materials
  • production tool, logistics
  • customer complaints
  • after-sales data

Selective dissemination

Statistical data can be transmitted selectively to different levels of organization of the company, according to their specific needs.


Data export in different formats (Excel, Word etc.) allows their exploitation.


Required to configure and maintain the system, the administration module allows users to adjust very precisely PaQTools © Quality to the controlled process specificity.

Everything is freely set by users on site:

  • products
  • definition of critical indicators to be monitored
  • control frequency
  • production tools
  • graphs and reports

The specific organization of the enterprise is represented as a very intuitive tree organization. The system can be changed at any time when internal changes occur:

  • new quality objectives
  • new products
  • changes in the production tool or actors etc.

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Suitable for workshop

  • easy to use
  • adaptable to the organization of the workshop
  • automatically collecting data from any instrument

Modular and scalable

  • managing multiple workstations
  • easy add-on of a new workshop or a new control equipment
  • easy change of the of workshop and production lines layout

Accurate and fast

  • All data are available in real time.
  • In the long term, know-how can be formalized and recorded.


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