PaQTools Worklow

Designed to monitor flow, PaQTools © Workflow automatically track products from receipt of raw materials to delivery of finished product, and integrates seamlessly with your ERP system.



PaQTools© Workflow enables the identification of any handling unit by barcode labeling and marking of each product in accordance with ISO, EAN, etc. standards

2Production follow-up

All flows are traced through PaQTools © Workflow: reception, transportation, retrieval, storage... Any authorized person is informed of the stream in real time.


PaQTools© Workflow automatically calculates and stores the traceability for a period of 1 to 3 years. Any authorized person may search for and find products made from raw materials or determined what materials were used for the manufacture of a product.


Connected to instruments for counting and weighing or used manually, PaQTools© Workflow lets you know in real time:

  • scrap rate
  • time and frequency of stops and effectiveness of production units
  • production units efficiency


Automatic measurement

  • automatic weighing or counting data acquisition
  • possibility of manual entry with automatic conversion
  • automatic calculation of downtime duration and frequency
  • automatic calculation of production units efficiency

Ease of configuration

  • interactive and easy modeling of the process (workshops, lines, machines) with graphical representation
  • modeling of product families

A powerful multi-criteria analysis system

  • scrap percentage per workshop, line, machine, product
  • analysis by time period
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