Flow monitoring and traceability in an industrial environment

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NEROGIA provides solutions to monitor flow and traceability with more than 15 years of experience in mass production industries.

These solutions can automatically trace the products from receipt of raw materials to delivery of finished product.

Easily integrated to your ERP system, they transmit information to any type of system.


Our tools allow identification of any handling unit and marking of each product in accordance with applicable standards.

Integration with ERP

They get integrated to the information system of the company and send information to any open software. Collecting information is easy, reliable and independent of the ERP system.

Product tracking

All flow paths are tracked: reception, transportation, retrieval, storage... and any authorized person shall be informed in real time about the situation.

Our tools automatically calculate and record the traceability for a period of 1 to 3 years. It is thus possible to search and find products made from given raw materials or to know what specific materials were used for the manufacture of a product.

Suitable for workshops

  • easy to use
  • widely automated
  • using industrial data collection equipment

Modular and scalable

  • implementation step by step, or workshop by workshop
  • equipment added or removed without difficulty
  • changes in organization of the workshop easily taken into account

Open to the company's IS

  • interfaces to connect to any type of software
  • sending reliable data in real time to the SI
  • precise knowledge of stocks, allowing them to be reduced, to establish a reliable delivery schedule, and to control all material flows
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