The company

Created by multi-specialist engineers from industry, NEROGIA provides industry players with innovative solutions in the field of quality management, research, performance and sustainable development.

NEROGIA offers businesses powerful and robust tools to ensure the mastery of the life cycle of their products, since the initial design stage to the after-sales service.

The proposed softwares are designed with the objective of minimizing the time of implementation, training and support. Able to adapt simply to industry-specific, NEROGIA products are intended flexible, ergonomic and communicative.

NEROGIA tools are known to be effective by many industry leaders and are in use in many factories around the world.

His team from different backgrounds (aerospace, computer industry, industrial packaging) has extensive experience in project management, industrial processes and managing and implementing IT solutions.

Listening and service have always guided our work. It is through them that NEROGIA continues to evolve. Our goal is to meet current expectations and the constraints of the future.

NEROGIA works with a network of partners to complement its experience and resources to project needs and business. In particular, in relation to this network it is developing its expertise in the field of sustainable development, primarily for the development of innovative materials and water treatment.

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