Our areas of expertise

NEROGIA has developed expertise in the following areas:

Through various projects, business applications were developed to form PaQTools Suite:

  • PaQTools Quality for quality control
  • PaQTools Workflow for monitoring flow and traceability
  • PaQTools Audit for auditing domain such as Warranty

PaQTools Quality and PaQTools Audit both allow to conduct analysis and to research links in Research, Production and After sales departments.

Our goal is to provide business solutions keyed to user needs, ergonomic, easy to implement and manage:

  • Integrated Solution: designed to operate as standalone modules, all PaQTools modules share the same database.
  • Easily configurable and adaptable: fully configurable, PaQTools modules fit to all types of organizations and products. The system communicates its data easily to any type of application.
  • Scalable: by its object-oriented design and thanks to its flexible architecture, PaQTools Suite can evolve very quickly. Without losing the advantage of a standard solution, it can adapt to the specific needs of an organization or a business.

NEROGIA solutions are characterized by a low cost of ownership due to ease of parameters definition and evolution by business people, without need of technician help.

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