Quality control in an industrial environment

quality control
NEROGIA provides solutions for analysis and quality management, with more than 15 years of experience in mass production industries.

These solutions are present in many production units in food packaging, cosmetics, automotive, chemicals sectors.

They are applicable in any production environment in which control procedures are or may be implemented.

Adapted to the needs of each client, our tools provide:

  • tracking and traceability of critical characteristics of products and events related to the processes defined in accordance with the company standards
  • access to information and decision-making support for different profiles (operator, workshop manager, quality manager) via a centralised database and easily configurable control cards and reports offering everyone the right level of information
  • flexibility in the definition of the required control routings for monitoring production
  • design offering a generic and quick configuration of the control routings, of the recorded events, of the control cards... regardless of the number of the stations, products, routings...
  • easily taking into account the specific needs that you can have (standards, connection to existing databases...)

The initial installation of our tools and their subsequent adaptation to any change of organization are very easy:

  •  time of installation: an average of 3 to 5 days for a production unit
  •  training: 2 days for a technician in charge of the installation, 30 minutes for a production line or laboratory operator
PaQTools Quality can target the right quality with an adjustment of alert levels, overall and per checkpoint. This is the solution for rapid implementation and acceptance of self-monitoring by operators in sync with the overall quality monitoring.


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