Performance audit

Nerogia provides solutions for supervision, implementation and operational performance audits..

These solutions help to facilitate, standardize and optimize the work of auditors and the exploitation of their missions results.


Originally developed for the automotive industry, the Audit solutions proposed by NEROGIA are distinguished by their high adaptability, and can therefore be used in all types of missions:

  •  audit of a multitude of similar data (products, transactions)
  •  audit of a single object (site, organization, product etc.)
  •  audit with or without financial consequences

Auditors are accompanied during all phases of their action:

Preliminary analysis

  • help with selection of units (points of sale, production units etc..) to be audited
  • recommendation for areas of study to be covered by the audit
  • data sampling for analysis
  • audit schedule generation


Our solutions facilitate the work of auditors in the field:

    •  by a clear interface that combines all the tools needed to analyze data and to enter the findings
    •  by the real time calculation of synthesis indicators
    •  by automated reports, fully customizable, including graphs and tables, allowing all levels of analysis or synthesis of findings


      •  integration of audit results in a relational database
      •  automated dissemination of reports and detailed results


  • files integrating all data necessary for the mission, and allowing instant broadcasting of a procedure change
  • a method of work partially or completely standardized to ensure consistency between the work of different auditors


  • automatic selection of data to be audited, based on the expertise of auditors or learning (based on an analysis of the results of audits)
  • considerable time savings for the realization and reporting
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